Curtain Rods

Rebate Curtain Rods

Applied to Conceal and Decorate Curtain Rails

Traverse, Rebate Curtain Rods
NOTE...   Use Rebate Rods or Half Round Rods (Best Seller) for covering unsightly Curtain Rails

Custom Colours - To Order
Includes Gilded, Paint, Stain Finishes
GP001 Gold Gild Curtain Rod

GP001A Gold Gild and Extra Patene Curtain Rod

GP003 Redbase Gold Gild Curtain Rod

GP007 Brownbase Gold Gild Curtain Rod

JSB01 European Gold Gild Curtain Rod

GP008 Silver Gild Curtain Rod

GP015 Dark Silver Gilded Curtain Rod

GP009 German Silver Gild Curtain Rod

GP009A Brownbase German Silver Gild Curtain Rod

GP010 Blackbase Silver Gilded Curtain Rod

63mm (2 1/4") Rebate Curtain Rod
Traverse, Rebate Curtain Rods

63mm (2 1/4") Fine Reeded Rebate Curtain Rod
Fine Reeded Traverse Rebate Curtain Rods

63mm (2 1/4") Reeded Rebate Curtain Rod
Reeded Traverse Rebate Curtain Rods

63mm (2 1/4") Fluted Rebate Curtain Rod
Fluted Traverse Rebate Curtain Rods

63mm (2 1/4") Flat Valance Curtain Rod
Flat Valance Curtain Rods

All available 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m Lengths
Cut to Size, No Extra Charge
All 63mm (2 1/4") Diameter Profiles Available Round

Additional Colours
GP013 Red Gold Gilded Curtain Rod

GP012A Blackbase Copper Gilded Curtain Rod

PF004 Antique White Curtain Rod

Bamboo Curtain Rod

More Colours Available
Paint Technique Finishes, Wood Stain Colours

90mm (3 1/2") Rebate Curtain Rods
Plain Traverse Rebate Curtain Rods

90mm (3 1/2") Fluted Rebate Curtain Rod
Fluted Traverse Rebate Curtain Rods

All available 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m Lengths
Cut to Size, No Extra Charge
All 90mm (3 1/2") Profiles Available Round

How it Works
Rebate Rod and Rail Assembly
Fits onto Single, Double and Triple Curzon Rails

Traverse, Rebate Rods, Rails            Traverse, Rebate Rods, Rails

Rebate Pole Profiles
Traverse, Rebate Curtain Rods
Curzon offers a range of Traverse Curtain Rods, also known as Rebate Poles, which are supplied to cover and disguise the use of practical but unattractive Rails. Therefore, the main use and reason for Traverse Curtain Rods is to create a more decorative and appealing appearance as they are used to cover either single, double or triple Rails, to allow free drawing, uninterrupted opening and closing of Drapes. Also, Curzon apply Gilded Finishes to our Drapery Hardware Poles so the use of Rings for working curtains are not suggested, as the Gilded Finish will rub off in time. So, the use of Rebate or Traverse Curtain Rods with Gilded Finishes prevents this problem.
The bulk of Curzon supply is Traverse Curtain Rods and Rebate Poles as the application is more practical and easier to draw open and close curtains, than the use of Round Drapery Hardware Poles with Drapery Rings, which tend to stick and not offer a free gliding motion to your curtain.
Traverse Curtain Rods only apply to 90mm (3 1/2") and 63mm (2 1/4") Diameter Drapery Hardware Rods

Rebate Curtain Rod Installation Instruction
1. Install assembled Curtain Rail and Brackets onto wall
2. Remove Curtain Rail (Front Rail if Double Track) only, leaving Brackets installed on wall
3. Attach Traverse/Rebate Rod onto Brackets, fitted to the wall
4. Replace Curtain Rail to Brackets.

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Traverse Curtain Rods
Curzon offer the worlds largest range of decorative drapery hardware with beautiful Gilded, Paint Technique or Wood Stain finishes and expertly handcrafted Finials to fit all Curzon's Traverse Profiles
Single Rails, Double Rails and Triple Rails are available for hanging your Drapes
Transform and enhance your home interior with Curzons Range of Decorative Drapery Hardware