Curtain Rod End Caps and Joining Sleeves
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Curtain Rod End Caps and Joining Sleeves

Simple Rod Ends and Sleeves

Curtain Rod End Caps and Joining Sleeves
APPLICATION...  Plain or Decorative End Caps supplied to complete the ends of Curtain Rods
OPTIONAL...  Supplied Closed (End Cap) to fit at end of Rod or Open (Sleeve) to fit over the front of the Curtain Rod
NOTE...  Useful to use when only limited space is available at either ends of the Curtain Rods
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Curtain Rods with End Caps and Joining Sleeves
Curtain Rod End Caps
End Caps, Curtain Rods
End Caps, Curtain Rods
End Caps, Curtain Rods
End Caps, Curtain Rods
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Worlds largest collection of custom made decorative drapery hardware End Caps for curtain rods.
Beautiful End Cap designs to suit all styles and colors of window treatments.

Selection of Decorative End Caps for Curtain Rods up to 3 1/2" (90mm), 2 1/4" (63mm) diameters.
Curzon also have End Caps to fit 1 3/4" (46mm) Diameter Poles

All are made to order and colour matched to specification. The bulk of Curzon supply is for 63mm 2 3/4 Diameter Poles, being our most popular, but will also fit smaller and larger diameter curtain rods, if required. For Stock purposes, Curzon End Caps may be matched to an existing range of Curtain Rods, fitting all diameter from 50mm (1 3/4") up to 90mm (3 1/2"), all Curzon require is a colour sample to match. Curzon designs are finished in gild, paint and stain finishes or a combination of these techniques.
All designs have a range of matching Tiebacks and Holdback designs.

Curzon End Caps are expertly handcrafted...
"Decorative End Caps are finely finished to match colour of any curtain rods"
End Caps may be attached to all larger diameter curtain rods...
All designs may also be ordered unfinished.
All unfinished designs are supplied with a primer coat... just add your colour!
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End Cap Foot Attachment are a Screw Fitting which is standard supply although a dowell can also be supplied
End Caps, Curtain Rods
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End Caps, Curtain Rods